Why You Should Sell With Us

So, it’s time to move on to your next adventure? Why should you list your property with us?

1. AMPI. Clint is an AMPI-accredited broker, meaning he is a member of the Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios, the Mexican Association of Professional Realtors. Unlike in the United States and Canada, Mexico does not have mandatory licensing for the real estate industry, so literally anyone can hold themselves out as a realtor. However, AMPI is a non-governmental nonprofit association that exists to professionalize the real estate industry in Mexico by endorsing a standard code of conduct and ethics and promoting continuing education for its members. Choosing to work with an AMPI professional ensures that you are dealing with a knowledgeable, ethical professional. Further, only AMPI-accredited realtors have access to the Vallarta-Nayarit MLS. Listing your property in the MLS means it has exposure to buyers anywhere in the world as well as to all local real estate agents and their interested buyers.

2. Ethics. Clint takes AMPI’s ethical standards one step further. As an attorney actively practicing in California, Clint would never represent more than one party’s interests in legal negotiations; so why would he do so in real estate negotiations? Clint provides seasoned professional representation in negotiating the sale of your property—and since YOU are his only client, you can be sure that your interests come first and you will not be exposed to unnecessary financial and legal risks. Representing our clients is