Many realtors prefer working with buyers as compared to representing sellers.  Working with a buyer can be a “quick hit”, where an agent may earn a nice commission after spending as little as a couple of hours putting together a deal for a property (in one recent experience, an agent literally spent 30 minutes with the buyers before an offer was made).  On the other hand, working with a seller requires commitment—there is a significant investment of time and money in putting together a listing agreement, evaluating capital gains considerations, possibly having construction manifested, shooting professional photos or video, acquiring signage, and showing the property multiple times . . . all before the paperwork for any potential sale ever begins.

However, unlike in the United States and Canada, buyers in Mexico do not sign Buyer Representation Agreements.  Buyers, looking for the best deal possible, can switch agents at the drop of a hat.  Agents may spend months or even a year or more emailing and talking with a buyer client, lining up multiple showings, touring them around, sitting down to meals with their family . . . only to have the buyer end up working with someone else.  While it can be  discouraging to spend so much time with people building relationships, only to be left out of a deal, we believe that buyers and sellers should work whomever they choose.  We love meeting new people and forming new relationships. However, if a buyer meets another real estate professional with whom they would prefer to work, that’s okay with us too.

This is why we enjoy working with sellers just as much as buyers.  Sellers who choose to list with Litibu Land Co. do so because they know us and trust us.  Even though a sales listing isn’t necessarily a “quick hit”, it’s the kind of relationship worth working for.